Our Vision

To reassert the significance of high quality education by producing competent professionals who can shape the destiny of our people into a stronger & developed nation and to foster prosperity through technology by means of education, innovation & collaboration with research & emerge as a world-class technical institution.

Our Mission

To create workforce of professionals with analytical skills who can realise a better world. To create a dynamic and collaborative climate to broaden our students professional competence. To be recognized for high ethical standards and responsiveness to the social environment. To carry out research in Engineering & Technology relevant to Industry and Society.


We at BIET believe in transition. Its a transition of the student from a youth to a responsible professional, ready to face the challenges and be a compulsive winner. We also believe in dedication, diligence, discipline, regularity and all that is very quintessence of the best to make you a human being so that humanity can be proud of you. The selection of an institute where you would pursue your engineering degree and which would provide you the platform from where you embark on your first journey towards your career is a critical decision. You need to take into account several factors; the most defining ones being infrastructure facilities, teaching learning process, academic ambience, industry-institute interaction and placements. We at Bansal Institute have always emphasized on imparting “Quality Education”.

Our team of committed and eminent faculty who are student-mentors and learning-facilitators will ensure that quality is spread across the board, resulting in excellent academic achievements, year after year. We look forward to a relationship where the learning quotient rises above the mere imparting of academic knowledge to the education with excellent attitudes, moral values, and skills for the good of humanity.

G. S. Agarwal