Mechanical Engineering is another core branch of the Engineering with involvement of engineering professionals towards major activities in the global development and its principles are involved in the design, study, development and Mmanagerial control over nearly all of the physical devices & systems. This branch is involved from transport to space research,
manufacturing of raw steel to nano-technology & so on.
The department is unique in having the most spacious workshop and full fledged Mechanical Engineering laboratories. Experienced and dedicated faculty members focus on imparting quality education, through well planned lectures, tutorials and practical session.

The Department has following labs:

  1. Thermodynamics Lab
  2. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  3. Manufacturing Science-I & II Lab
  4. Measurement & Metrology Lab
  5. Electrical Machines & Automatic Control Lab lMachine Design-I & II Lab
  6. Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
  7. Fluid Machinery Lab
  8. Theory of Machines Lab
  9. Machine Tool Design Lab
  10. Material Science and Testing Lab Machine Drawing-I & II