The department of Information Technology was established with the aim of developing good technocrats Twho are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to cope up with the needs and challenges of this dynamic field. The department has proven itself as a center for excellence, innovation and research, with dedicated faculty, highly motivated students, state-of-the-art facilities and an innovative teaching-learning environment.
The Research & Development activities of the faculty and the focus of research oriented student projects have resulted in several publications both in International and National Conferences as well as reputed Journals. The department has already demonstrated its potential for excellent research. Our
students have consistently achieved excellent placements. The department is fully networked with high speed internet connectivity.

The Department has following labs:

  1. OOPS Lab
  2. Software Engineering Lab
  3. DBMS Lab.
  4. Computer Organization Lab
  5. Operating System Lab
  6. Algorithm Lab
  7. Computer Graphics Lab
  8. Computer Network Lab
  9. Software Project Management Lab
  10. Cryptography & Network Security Lab
  11. Artificial Intelligence Lab
  12. Distributed System Lab
  13. Data Structure Lab