Electrical engineers have made remarkable contribution to our world. It is one of the core fields of engineering, so it is always promising in terms of scope and job prospects. Electrical engineering is the heart of entire engineering discipline and Etherefore its scope will never fade even many years from now. Electrical engineers are needed in all manufacturing unit, all major companies of public and private sector such as Electricity Boards, Large Scale Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Power Corporations, Hydro- Electricity sector etc. Electrical engineering thus deals with study and application of electrical systems for use in these different environments. It equips you with the knowledge of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electrical power as well as instrumentation, control system, understanding electrical and electronic networks etc.
With a team of highly experienced faculty members, who have completed their degree from top institutions in India like IITs and NITs, established the Department of Electrical Engineering at BIET. The department with well structured labs and dedicated members provides descriptive knowledge from the basics to the industrial aspects of the discipline.
The mission of the department is to impart quality technical education, to provide industry ready engineers and to create centers of excellence in the field of electrical engineering through collaboration with industries.

The Department has following labs:

  1. Electrical Measurement Lab
  2. Electrical Simulation Lab
  3. Electromechanical Energy Conversion
  4. Electrical Instrumentation Lab
  5. Power Electronics Lab
  6. Communication Engineering Lab
  7. Electric Drives Lab
  8. Network Lab
  9. Control System Lab
  10. Power System Lab.