The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BIET is renowned for cutting edge research and imparting state of the art education. The department intends to help the students to reach their full potential by providing them the knowledge Tto meet the challenges of designing and developing computing software systems and algorithms.
The department promotes active industry-institute collaboration by identifying areas of interest and taking part in sponsored research projects and consultancy services. Some of the major research areas which the faculty members and students working on are Networks, Database, Theoretical Computer Science, Multimedia, Image Processing, Software Engineering and Data Mining.

The Department has following labs:

  1. Data Structure lab
  2. Numerical Techniques
  3. DBMS Lab
  4. Computer Organization lab
  5. Algorithm Lab
  6. Operating System Lab
  7. Object oriented Techniques Lab
  8. Computer Graphics Lab
  9. Computer Network Lab
  10. Web Technology based software Engineering Lab
  11. Compiler Lab
  12. Distributed System Lab
  13. Digital Image Processing Lab
  14. Artificial Intelligence Lab