Civil Engineering is one of the most enriching careers open to students fetching self fulfillment and dedicating their service to the community at large.

Today, society faces serious challenges dealing with finite non renewable resources, climate change, expanding population and aging infrastructure system. These issues can be successfully addressed with the direct involvement of Civil engineers who are committed to the fundamental concepts of renewability, sustainability, livability and safety.
Our institution has offered a comprehensive programs for students. Not only do we prepare our graduates for a career in Civil engineering, but we emphasize the need to make a positive contribution for the betterment of society.
The civil engineering department pride itself on providing students with the necessary personal attention and guidance to develop their own engineering skills and changing social expectations of the profession.
At BIET, course work includes laboratory experiences that provide opportunities for practical, hand–on –experimentation to illustrate classroom concepts. The Civil Engineering department features laboratory for Surveying, Geotechnical, Environmental, Structural and Hydraulics for demonstrations and investigations of theoretical concepts. Our window and Unix platform computer laboratories are available with industry standard software.

The Department has following labs:

  1. Building Materials Lab
  2. Surveying Lab
  3. Building Planning & Drawing
  4. Structural Analysis Lab
  5. Geoinformatics Lab
  6. Hydraulics & Machine Lab
  7. CBNST Lab
  8. Geotechnical Engg. Lab
  9. Transportation Lab
  10. Cad Lab – I & II
  11. Quantity Surveying & Estimation
  12. Environmental Engg. Lab
  13. Structural Detailing Lab